Snapchat – It’s Not About Selling, It’s About Showing

Snapchat – It’s Not About Selling, It’s About Showing In a market loaded with tech recruiting firms and organizations competing to attract the best tech talent, how do you connect with those you may not be able to find on traditional social networks? How do you build trust and show the authenticity of your team?… Read more »

Secrets from a Recruiter’s Best Clients: Entry-Level Talent is a Straight-Up Win

Get to know author Michael Keller, Senior DRS Recruiter with Objective Paradigm, as he brings staffing, resource planning, interviewing process redesign and campus recruiting insights to Chicago’s top tech businesses. Stay tuned to the OP News page for more ‘Secrets from a Recruiter’s Best Clients.’ After years of ignoring entry-level talent, I had built up… Read more »

Is College Recruiting Right For Your Business?

Have you found yourself wondering if college recruiting is worth the investment? While college recruiting presents a significant operational cost, it also represents the lifeline of your organization’s future. As someone who has been involved in college and campus recruiting for 12+ years, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact this recruiting technique has on long-term… Read more »