Is College Recruiting Right For Your Business?

Have you found yourself wondering if college recruiting is worth the investment?

While college recruiting presents a significant operational cost, it also represents the lifeline of your organization’s future.

As someone who has been involved in college and campus recruiting for 12+ years, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact this recruiting technique has on long-term employment goals.

If you are thinking about starting a college outreach program or revitalizing an existing one, here are some thoughts from the field that will motivate you to take the next steps.

The key to the ultimate ROI in college recruiting is creating a robust internship program:

  • An effective internship program will allow companies to engage with entry-level talent to assess skills and a cultural fit without incurring an excessive headcount.
  • Companies that offer a project-based, interactive, informative, comprehensive, and enjoyable internship program create a sense of “belonging” for the intern.

College recruiting for upcoming graduates is a cost-effective way to ascertain and retain top diverse talent.

Here’s why:

  • Sourcing at the best colleges and universities for your business needs avoids the high-cost of search firm fees (and inflated salaries once the talent has entered the workforce.)
    • Recently hired graduates are often promoted from within, increasing an organization’s employee retention rate and ROI.
    • Hiring college talent each year ensures that your company builds a continuous pipeline of future leaders.
  • Casual college recruiting programs lead to insufficient gaps in the organization’s talent pool and ultimately to an overall competitive disadvantage.
  • Students work hard to earn their degrees and apply their knowledge — this eagerly excited group can’t wait to put their skills to work and promote your company.

Acquiring millennial talent requires a diversified, fresh, innovative approach – are you ready to attract future leaders?

For those trying to validate the time, money, and additional resources to recruit on campus, don’t be intimidated by thinking you’ll only find inexperienced talent. Your organization will thrive off the additional sourcing channel, keeping you ahead of the curve and able to find and shape the talent your innovations crave.

Time is of the essence: if you have not connected with a college or university for recruiting opportunities, the time is now! The most cutting edge companies with the most progressive visionary leaders will seize the opportunity to invest in internship and college recruiting programs.


Photo Kizzie Davis OP Recruiter Author, Kizzie Davis, is a dynamic and results-oriented HR professional with 12+ years of diverse recruiting experience. Stay tuned the OP blog for more from Kizzie as she continues to match the best technologists with the best employers. Connect with Kizzie on Linked In to learn more.


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