5 Tips for Finding and Keeping Your Ultimate Work-Life Balance in 2019

Christy_OP_Blog_LinkedIn Jan2018There are exactly 168 hours in a week’s time.

It sounds like a lot when you see it written down, but when you are living it, it’s common to wonder, ‘where does all this time go!?’ 

As a Recruiter, I keep myself busy with networking events or going out with friends. I’ve been known to have social events on my calendar for 22 consecutive days. However, I’ve also learned that in order for me to be successful, I need 7.5 hours of sleep per evening and a good ‘sweat session’ daily.

How did I get to this point of finding the right balance for myself? It’s an ongoing process.

Here are my top 5 tips with realistic recommendations. 

1. Establish a routine and follow it.

During the week, I wake up at 5:45 am and work out until 7 am. I get to work by 8 am, work until 5:30 pm, attend my nightly activity (dinner with a friend, networking event, errands), and try to make it to bed before 10 pm.

The weekends consist of chores, visiting with friends and family, grocery shopping, meal prep and working out. 

When I set myself up with this schedule I know that I can get everything done that I need to. Does every week stick to this schedule? No, but I do my very best knowing that this is what works.

Recommendation: Start establishing a routine that you physically print out or write out. Having a visual guide will help you stay on track.

2. Learn when to say, ‘no.’

I very rarely say, ‘no.’ I like to think I’m Superwoman and can do it all, but alas I’m not. I can’t go more than 30 days without having some time for me, myself, and I.  

From personal experience, I’ve learned that when you are spread too thin your work suffers, your mental health suffers, and you simply aren’t yourself. The way to combat that is to say, ‘no.’

Skipping a networking event, rescheduling a dinner, or taking a raincheck on the kickball game is okay, you don’t have to say, ‘yes’ to every invite.  

Recommendation: Take time to reset by giving yourself a break and then get back to it. Saying ‘no’ will not make you less successful, in fact it’s proven that practicing regular self-care makes you more producitve.

3. Work smarter, not harder.

I did not come up with this catch phrase, but I do live by it. I make daily lists, I set personal goals, and I give myself deadlines. Not only do I get more done, but I also feel a sense of accomplishment which in and of itself is motivating to complete additional tasks and goals.  

Recommendation: Physically block time on your calendar and set deadlines to ensure that you will work effectively throughout the day.

4. Make exercising a habit.

Prior to my life as a Recruiter, I was a Personal Trainer and even studied Kinesiology in College. While it’s been a while since I’ve used my education in the workplace I do know that exercise has benefits far beyond aesthetics.

Exercise has physiological benefits, psychological benefits, and allows one to function better because your body and mind are alert. If I don’t exercise I find myself grumpy, irritable, and lethargic throughout the day. Exercise keeps me sane and on-task in my work.

Recommendation: Exercise is often the first thing that is taken out of your routine when you struggle to maintain your work-life balance, but I would argue it is the most important thing to keep in your life amongst chaos because it will allow you to expel all your negative energy or celebrate your victories. Exercise is a physical outlet for your body, make it a habit and find your balance.

5. Build personal time into your schedule.

Personal time is personal. Make it a point to unplug and check in with yourself: what’s working for your work-life balance and what’s not? Be realistic and take a step back every so often and you might just discover your own ultimate work-life balance.

Recommendation: Take time to reflect and re-evaluate your goals. Do something for yourself and your mental health.  

You are only human. By following a schedule, saying ‘no’ more often, working smarter and exercising you’ll notice that work becomes part of your life and not a thing you work the rest of your life around.

By doing regular self-checks during your set aside personal time, you’ll be able to change your schedule and self to best manage and maintain the work-life balance you’re looking for.

Christy Ghiselli, Technical Recruiter and Account Manager at Objective Paradigm, focuses much of her recruiting efforts in the capital market and cryptocurrency space. Having been on the OP team since 2014, Christy has been a key team member in keeping the OP Vision and Mission part of her work. Connect with Christy on LinkedIn.

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  1. Dennis Koch

    Great article! Although I’m from Germany and therefore from another – however not completely different – cultural background, I can identify pretty much with the adressed issues.

    I also wrote a kinda similar blogpost two years ago with five ways to optimize your own work-life-balance (see https://ausbilderschein24.de/work-life-balance-optimieren/ if you can read German by chance). Seems like we have the same approach to one of the most important subjects of the 21st century.

    Kind regards from Germany


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