Your Recruiter is the Best Wingman for the Job!

Your recruiter is the best wingman, woman, person for the job!

Life is nice with a sidekick. Whether it’s your best friend, a mentor or an industry peer, tackling a big decision is easier when someone is there to listen.

The same goes for having a recruiter you can trust, a recruiter that’s a sidekick and a Wingman.

Thinking of your recruiter in this way can ease some apprehensions – perhaps someone hasn’t had the best of luck with recruiters, has heard negative feedback from others, or has trouble sharing information about themselves with, essentially, a stranger.

  • Don’t be afraid to build an actual relationship with your recruiter.
  • The ‘Wingperson’ scenario could be just the comparison you need to start recognizing why using a recruiter is a GOOD, and sometimes, necessary thing.
  • During your job search, you’ll need guidance and rational thought.
  • Most importantly, you’ll need someone to prevent you from making bad decisions.

Having an individual by your side that knows your goals and is willing to make sure you achieve your task is awesome; whether it’s shooting down an enemy jet or scoring the phone number of the person at the end of the bar, ‘winging’ is a win!   

Working with a Wingperson

A good recruiter is with you throughout the process and they make things easier by:

  • Providing support
  • Taking some of the pressure off
  • Acting as a buffer

Why go alone?

If you ask Maverick or Ice Man, they will welcome a good Wingman, and may even debate on who should be the wing, so that alone should tell you it’s important!

Don’t fly into the “Danger Zone” without a Wingperson. 

Recruiters can be the best Wingperson you’ve ever had. Trust me, you’ll be happy that you found your job search sidekick so that you can work toward your ultimate goal, which is getting the better job you desire (for whatever reason you’re looking – note previous blog about 4 Key Ingredients of your search). Don’t go through the job search process alone.  Go find yourself a reliable Wingperson!

Rich Drennen, Senior Technical Recruiter at Talution Group brings more than 13 years in the industry to the Objective Paradigm team. Rich has immersed himself in the Chicagoland Tech Recruiting landscape, having supported clients that range from private startups to Fortune 500 global companies. Connect with Rich on Twitter @Talution_Rich

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