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Onboarding Your Team to Recruiting Technologies

Finding the balance of what technologies are right for your team and implementing processes for their use can be a challenge.

At Objective Paradigm we ensure that everyone – especially any new hire – knows the baseline standards and best practices of the tools we use and why. In addition to extensive onboarding, bi-weekly training sessions, and a well-stocked library of actual books, we’ve partnered with Grovo to best address these challenges.

Grovo is an online learning management system and micro learning platform.

Essentially, Grovo lets us break down half-hour, in person training sessions into small, bite-sized modules that recruiters can work on during their lunch break or between calls.

Most modules are two or three minute videos and are accompanied by short learning comprehension quizzes. Sessions include video, narration, graphics, and more. Below screen shots include a look at the Linux Kernel training session and accompanying quiz.


The best part is that these modules are fully customizable.

Our sourcing and research team (that’s me!) decides on our agenda and we usually produce two modules every month.

The first, typically a longer module, covers the software we use, best practices, or reinforces something from a longer live training.

We also share one shorter “tech term” every month. We cover programming languages and technical keywords, so our recruiters are fully equipped to talk to software developers confidently. We’ve covered everything from C++ and Python to Cloud Computing and the differences between frameworks and libraries.

Grovo’s user dashboard displays Tech Terms lesson and assignments.

Engaging the team.

To tell the truth, we did have a bit of a rocky road to figuring out the best way to roll these out to everyone at the company, but I can confidently say that we’ve gotten to a good place. Here’s how we did it:

  • We decided which existing modules were the most important.
  • We made sure that everyone at the company had access to them.
  • We assign this library to new employees on their first day and give them a month to complete them before we start counting their scores.
  • After this benchmarking, we started sharing scores.

Why scores?

What can I say – recruiters are competitive. Overall, our average score jumped 110% after we started comparing folks to each other, and I’m proud to say that over 70% of our company currently has a Grovo score of 80% or higher. Below visual shows the OP team scores – not bad!  

Using an online training tool has many benefits and it’s fun!

I love this system because it lets us push out important information quickly and in a format that people can always refer back to. We can put a little humor and our own voices into what could otherwise be dry lectures.

We’ve received positive feedback from employees and their scores show it! Being able to run through the sessions at their own pace and taking the quizzes keep our team accountable and engaged.

Grovo and continuous training are an integral part of the OP culture.

Grovo enables our sourcing team to reinforce information presented in live training sessions, email write-ups and how-to guides.

It’s exciting to be part of a team that strives to provide more than just job-matching – our recruiters are tech-savvy, participate in the trainings we set up, and always keep each other up-to-date on the latest trends and changes. Thanks guys, and thanks Grovo!

Sarah GoldbergSarah Goldberg, Senior Sourcing & Research Specialist at Objective Paradigm, thrives on leveraging data, research, and a little bit of magic to find the right candidates, processes, and tools for her clients. For more from Sarah and the SourceOps Team at OP, follow SourceOps -Talent Sourcing & Research.


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