Dreamforce 2016 and Why You Should Plan to Attend DF17!


Dreamforce 2016 and Why You Should Plan to Attend DF17!

Last month, I reviewed my Top 5 Dreamforce Highlights and now I’d like to inspire you to attend Dreamforce where you can get up close and personal with the community behind the success of the platform.

Set your 2017 goals now! Why you should attend Dreamforce:

Seeing Customers Outside of the Norm

Attending the same conferences and mingling with clients while at these events offers a great perspective on your partnership. You are immersed in the same environment, soaking in the same content, enjoying impromptu conversations, and even a happy hour or two. I really enjoyed the opportunity to build authentic relationships and share ideas inspired by the Dreamforce vibe.

A Logistical Puzzle of Perfection

Planning and executing an event like Dreamforce is no easy task. Meeting up with a contact that heads up the Entertainment and Events for Dreamforce was a ‘wow’ experience. We were able to get a first hand glance of all the effort it takes to pull this week off.

Did you know that approximately 170,000 people had signed up for the week and expectations were roughly 50,000 – 70,000 people a day to go through the exhibit hall?!?! That’s a feat to organize – bravo and thanks for the behind the scenes look!

Unforgettable Food & Entertainment

Of course, Dreamfest and U2 were incredible. The amount of food and beverages that were accessible to everyone was impressive and outstanding!

On Thursday night, Objective Paradigm’s VP of Sales, Dina Gallay, and I attended BOLDForce and partied like it’s 1999! The Purple Ones, a Prince tribute band performed above the rooftop of The Starlight Room in downtown San Francisco.

Don’t miss your opportunity for a once in a lifetime concert at Dreamfest!

So Many Takeaways

This year I attended my first Dreamforce. Hopefully, it was the first of many. Dreamforce in one word? Overwhelming – but in a good way.  

There’s tons of swag, loud music, food, drinks…I felt like I wanted to be in 10 places at once. I would compare it to a grown-up Great America.

What did I learn that will help me prepare for my next Dreamforce?

  • Bring Comfortable Shoes – you’re walking around and on your feet all day.
  • Registering for a session does not guarantee you’ll get in – so get there early. Big kudos to Dina Gallay for saving me a seat for Marc Benioff’s Keynote!
  • Have a game plan on the events and keynotes you’d like to attend, and then have a backup plan in case the events or keynotes fill up.

If I don’t see you at a MidWest event in the next year, I hope to see you at Dreamforce 2017!

Stay connected – Kevin Kluge is a Sr. Recruiter – Salesforce Specialist, at Objective Paradigm. His work with Talution’s Group’s Salesforce Practice has him identifying and placing Salesforce.com professionals in the Chicago Market. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn here.

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