Supply and Demand: Remote Tech Talent

Supply and Demand: Remote Tech Talent As technology evolves, the world gets smaller and becomes even more connected. This has affected many aspects of our lives, and the recruiting industry is no exception. There are a number of different trends I could discuss — and some I will in future blog posts — but one… Read more »

The Salesforce Community Inspires Once Again: Dreamforce 2016

  Thank You, Dreamforce 2016 How lucky are we that the Salesforce community offers year-round opportunities to grow, connect, and share experiences? Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce customer conference in San Francisco, CA, for the first time! If you couldn’t make it, there are some fantastic highlights out… Read more »

What is Sourcing?

What is Sourcing, Anyway? I’m often asked what exactly a Sourcer is – at networking events and conferences, and whenever small talk turns to what we all do. I’ve gotten all sorts of reactions about it, too, running the gamut from “are you actually a cyber stalker?” to my favorite, “wait, did you just say… Read more »

Women in Technology, Thank You!

Here we go. My first blog post, please give me a long leash. To get the ball rolling, I’d like to highlight the importance of women in technology. You may ask why I chose this expansive topic. Well, I happen to love what I do in the technology space and have an extreme respect for… Read more »

Counter (Offer) Intelligence

Did you know you can google “the dreaded counter offer” and get two pages of hits on different articles using the term? Scroll through the results and you’ll notice that it’s not just HR professionals or Talent Acquisition professionals talking about “the dreaded counter offer,” but business journalists and bloggers as well.  There are good… Read more »

Being a Talent Acquisition Partner Means Doing Your Work Early

  All of us in talent acquisition know the feeling. We are just wrapping up a feedback session with a hiring manager following a candidate interview. We’re either on the phone with them, or sitting in their office, and they’ve just spent the last fifteen or twenty minutes talking about how great the candidate did,… Read more »