Recruiting in 2020: 3 Thoughts to Take Us into the Future

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A new decade is near!

How will you level up your recruitment game in 2020? 

Whether you call them resolutions, goals or just part of a career and recruitment development plan, here’s what’s top-of-mind as I prepare to hit the ground running in 2020.

1. Attracting Gen Z

Build a pipeline of candidates that includes a generation that doesn’t have a lot of experience in the workplace, but has been raised in a world of tech innovations.

Here’s what I am doing to make sure I’m reaching everyone in my searches:

  • Video job descriptions. Have an awesome opportunity that doesn’t ‘wow’ on paper? Selfie videos with a job description link are a great way to promote yourself and the open position.  Keep it short, be you, humanize the online process, and reach the crowd searching on their devices.
  • Inc. offers up a great list of considerations for your own practice in, How Generation Z will Transform the Future of the Workplace.

2. Know Where You’re Placing People

Stop being basic. Really dig in and go beyond the job description and your client’s about page. Most recruiters are an extension of their client’s HR and hiring teams and need to ask the questions that their candidates ask. 

Here’s how I am going to make sure I have all the details I need about the company, the role and the future of the position:

  • Speak with someone they would work alongside and know the peer perspective.
  • Keep a list of FAQs and use that during discovery meetings with hiring managers.
  • Look at the organization’s social media channels and share those with candidates.

3. Keep the Relationship Going

Whether it’s a candidate or client, the way you communicate is your differentiator. 

Here are a few things I’m going to continue to fine-tune in my correspondence strategy:

  • No canned responses, saying the same thing a different way isn’t hard. You can still copy, paste and personalize. But I know and you know when you receive a generic auto-response. It doesn’t feel good when you’ve already built a relationship with someone, make every email count.
  • Comment on a LinkedIn post of theirs. Are they writing blogs? Sharing news? Engage.

Looking forward to a new year and all the new people I will meet through recruiting. I would love to hear about your ideas for the new decade. Happy 2020, Everyone! 

Alex N Blog Headshot Alex Nadeau, Technical Recruiter at Objective Paradigm, enjoys sharing his thoughts on staffing for the startup community and more. Alex is an alum of Illinois State University and served in the US Army as an Infantryman from 2009-2012. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our team and helps to identify and hire talent across verticals and recruitment models. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn.

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