Core Takeaways for Recruiters: ChiStartupWeek 2019

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Last week, I published my first blog post with Objective Paradigm, a recap of my time at Chicago Startup Week 2019 – check it out here.

While I shared many takeaways throughout the post, I wanted to narrow in on the core takeaways I’ll be focusing on to be better for myself, my organization, and my community.

Core Takeaways for Recruiters: ChiStartupWeek 2019

1) Think about your decisions daily.

What is your desired outcome? Is your attention appropriate? Are your decisions purposeful? Adjust as needed! – Pete Wilkins, Hyde Park Angels

2) Things that you say and do are like food coloring in water

– it expands to the group you are in, whether that be the company you founded or the company you work for. – Matt Moog, PowerReviews 

3) Stay open and curious, but focused.

Do your main priority really well. Of course, do other things and educate yourself, but watch carefully on the amount of time you are spending on those curiosities. 

4) “Start with “hi” not the buy.

Build a relationship first, the rest will follow. – Josh Inglis, Propllr, and Drew Mauck, 3Points Communications

5) Be a student.

When in a new environment, whether that be a new industry, meeting a new client, or starting a new job, be a student! – Candice Savino, Farmer’s Fridge

6) Listen to your customers and keep your ego in check.

Always be willing to take feedback and make changes. – Arnav Dalmia, Cubbii

7) Know who your competitors are, but do not make them a focus.

Rather, focus on your own success and try to learn from competition and help one another. – Vishal Shah and Ryan Leavitt,  LearnCore

See you at ChiStartupWeek 2020!

Maria Schmitt, Salesforce Specialist Talution GroupMaria Schmitt, Salesforce Talent Solution Specialist and Account Executive at Objective Paradigm’s Talution Group, is a Marquette Alum and experienced marketing professional. She shares her perspective on talent acquisition from a personal place, her journalistic approach and love of public speaking make her a blogger to keep an eye on. When she isn’t networking, she’s soaking up what Chicago has to offer, whether it be through volunteering or spending time with family and friends. You can connect with Maria on LinkedIn here


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