Metrics and Their Place in Recruiting

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It’s something most Recruiters have heard while interviewing an Agency Recruiter looking to change jobs, “my company focuses too much on my numbers.”

No doubt, being micro-managed sucks and it’s not an effective way to run a team, but paying attention to valuable performance data and micro-managing are two totally different things.

Sales Support

Metrics collected from recruitment activities are essential in telling success stories to your current and future clients. In addition to using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in sales pitches, you can also paint an attractive employment brand for future Recruiters.

Personal Growth

As a Recruiter, having a strong idea of your stats can help you build and achieve new heights. For example, do you know:

  • How many submissions it takes you to get an interview?
  • How many interviews to get an offer?
  • What percentage of your offers are closed?
  • How your numbers contribute to team goals?

Keeping track and exploring this data should not be seen as a nuisance.

When leadership wants to discuss your metrics, it should be treated as an opportunity to learn about process gaps and to identify what actions are getting you the best results. Use metrics to your advantage and they will help you become a better Recruiter.

All good Recruiters take time to look at their numbers and evaluate the data. Here’s some inspiration:

  • At Objective Paradigm, we use InsightSquared to track our goals and recruitment process activities. The platform not only helps us improve as individuals and teams, but it also provides information for us to share with our clients to make sure we are living up to our promise.
  • Don’t know what numbers to look for? Jibe’s top 8 recruitment KPIs will help.
  • More on metrics that matter from Hire Vue.

Pro Tip: Take time to sit down and look at your metrics with a manager and use that raw data to come up with an action plan and goals to get you to 2020.

Check out some of the other lessons I’ve learned in recruiting in my recent post, The 5 Most Valuable Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Recruiting.

Ryan Swartzendruber, Technical Recruiter for Objective Paradigm’s Talution GroupRyan Swartzendruber, Technical Recruiter for Objective Paradigm’s Talution Group, recruits on both contract and direct hire positions in addition to his Account Manager responsibilities. Ryan’s focus is on the financial and software industries where he consistently meets clients needs by identifying and placing talent to help businesses scale. Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.


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