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T4Youth_Objective Paradigm 2018

Reflecting on what makes you happy.

I’ve recently done some reflecting on myself, my relationships, my career, and what makes me happy and fulfilled. I have an amazing husband (newlywed!), incredible friends, a lovely home, and a great career – there is no denying how thankful and lucky I am.

It was through this exercise in reflection that I also discovered the thing that consistently makes me the happiest and that’s giving back and helping others.

Recruiting allows me to do just that; to give back to others by helping them find their best job.  

Connecting with people.

Working at Objective Paradigm, I’ve not only been able to connect job seekers with new opportunities, but I’ve been introduced to many different Chicago non-profits. Part of the Objective Paradigm corporate culture is giving back, because of that support I’ve been able to get involved and volunteer with multiple groups.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve mentored high school students through a few different organizations including helping with mock interviews at Genesys Works and resume reviews and development through the Cara Program. One of my favorite volunteer and fundraising opportunities has been helping with the coordination and execution of T4Youth, a table tennis tournament in Chicago.

T4Youth brings together technology-driven companies to play in a competitive ping pong event that includes spectating, a silent auction, and even a Rubix cube competition. All of the proceeds collected support Chicago Tech Academy, a high school focused on STEM education and project-based learning. A recap of the 2018 event is available here

The Chicago Tech Academy has a special place in my heart.

For three years, once a month I mentored a student at ChiTech. We’d meet at the school, grab a donut together and talk about college and job applications. I would go to spring and winter showcases where students presented their semester-end projects, immersing myself in the opportunity to be a mentor.

There were teaching moments, emotional moments, moments where we laughed until our bellies ached. None of those moments compare to the invites I receive to college decision day, where students declare where they will be attending college or the invitation to graduation! My mentee and I grew close and we established a level of trust and we became friends. There is not a doubt in my mind that we both benefited tremendously from this mentorship program.

How giving back makes me better at my job.

Many of the volunteering opportunities I take on relate to recruiting and technology because that’s where my passions and interests lie. There are so many opportunities to get involved in the community, by simply sharing some of your time you can make an impact in significant ways. You can change other people’s lives by teaching people new skills or helping them be more successful, and there’s really no better feeling than that.

In recruiting you quickly learn that you win some, and you lose a lot more; however, when you volunteer you realize all you do is win.

You are making a difference in other’s lives and the only thing it costs you is your time. Giving back to a community your involved in be it technology, healthcare, etc. allows you to learn, grow, and feel a sense of accomplishment beyond just your traditional day-to-day.

Christy Ghiselli, Technical Recruiter and Account Manager at Objective Paradigm, focuses much of her recruiting efforts in the capital market and cryptocurrency space. Having been on the OP team since 2014, Christy has been a key team member in keeping the OP Vision and Mission part of her work. Connect with Christy on LinkedIn.

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