Introducing the Objective Paradigm President’s Club

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Objective Paradigm President’s Club

In 2017, Objective Paradigm introduced the President’s Club to unleash the potential of our team. Our goal was to inspire employees in all functions of our recruitment firm to work together to achieve remarkable, measurable results that would be rewarded with a unique team experience.

Leadership developed thresholds for Recruitment, Sourcing and Sales. Goals ranged from making a minimum number of placements to qualify, to publishing content and attending networking events.

There were also thresholds for bringing in new leads, creating job orders, hosting webinars and other role specific tasks that went beyond the everyday value OP provides.

As a result, OP and Talution Group employees inspired and motivated each other and now we’re taking our first ever Objective Paradigm President’s Club crew to Playa Mujeres, Mexico to celebrate!

“This is a great group, I am very proud of their achievements and look forward to spending some time with them outside of the office. The President’s Club has had a positive response internally, I’m happy to see that an even larger group of our team is on pace to join in 2019.” – Ryan Pollock, Managing Partner, Objective Paradigm.

The Results

With the President’s Club in place, we noticed more enthusiasm when it came to attending networking events, we had more employees submit content for our blog and some members of our team spoke on panels and delivered educational sessions at industry events.

The competitive edge that the ongoing measurements put in place increased comradery and productivity and allowed us to showcase our talent internally. And we all know; most recruiters thrive on some friendly competition.

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Meet the Inaugural Members!


Kelly Hallgren, Practice Lead at Objective Paradigm’s Talution Group, is an advocate for Women in Tech, STEM education and giving back to the community. Kelly joins the President’s Club based on the excellent leadership support and management she provides to her team, which met their goals for 2017!


Ben Solomon, Director of Research at Objective Paradigm, and Fall 2017 SourceCon Hackathon Champion. Ben keeps up and stays ahead of recruitment technology trends while growing our in-house sourcing practice. Ben joins the President’s Club as a testament to his dedication to education and training.


Sarah Goldberg, Sourcing and Talent Acquisition Consultant, is all about sharing knowledge and finding new ways to leverage technology. Sarah joins the President’s Club in recognition of her contributions to our team, the sourcing community and crushing last year’s goals. 


Ryan Swartzendruber, Sr. Technical Recruiter and Account Manager at OP, is an expert in the financial technology talent market. Ryan joins the President’s Club by crushing his numbers and attending a multitude of networking events.



Robyn Carney, Research and Sourcing Specialist, is a top contributor to our DRS pipeline of candidates all while leveraging her skills as a writer to bring a robust voice to the OP blog. Robyn joins the President’s Club because she exceeded her sourcing goals, attended many exciting events and published high-ranking content for OP.


KKluge_Talution_OPKevin Kluge, Recruiting Team Lead and Account Manager with Objective Paradigm’s Talution Group, specializes in finding and placing talent. Kevin’s experience and immersion into the Salesforce community offers him the ability to identify technologists who will become Trailblazers.


Rich Drennen, Sr. Technical Recruiter with Objective Paradigm’s Talution Group, has an expertise in finding and placing contract talent, Rich prides his recruitment process on genuine connections. Rich joins the President’s Club because he exceeded his goals and contributed content to the OP network.

Enjoy your trip President’s Club – well deserved!

Objective Paradigm was recognized as one of Chicago’s Top 100 Best Places to Work by Crain’s Chicago in 2018. To learn more about joining the recruitment team at OP and Talution Group contact Katie Butson direct at 

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