Company Culture Starts With The Candidate Experience

Mark K_OP_Blog_Culture Feb 2018

Your recruiting process is part of your corporate culture.

What makes your company stand out from the rest? I’m sure you have reasons for why a top software engineer chooses your organization over all their options – so what is it?

Differentiators – as employers, we all have them, and they are promoted in a variety of ways. In some cases, this might be a unique product/service leading a market segment, or a disrupting product that is gaining market share.

As an organization that connects talent to our customers, we take the time to truly understand our client’s differentiators so we can paint the appropriate picture when marketing an opportunity to prospective employees.

It’s important to know the details, the roles and responsibilities one will be taking on in their home-away-from-home. In addition, to the skills required, Recruiters need to be able to communicate the organization’s unique Culture and Benefits programs.

What started as the ability to work from home and the implementation of summer hours, has turned into unlimited PTO and free lunches. While there are many factors at play when it comes to developing and nurturing your company’s culture, contributing programs include team building events, health and wellness programs, and committing to fostering a positive work/life balance.

Employee ‘perks’ are impactful, they provide a sense of caring and help to develop the company’s culture – they are also a critical component when it comes to staying competitive in today’s hiring climate.

How do you communicate culture in the hiring process?

Impactful – Caring – Competitive

With these three words in mind, your company culture is up front in the process and not reserved for current employees only. Start introducing your company’s unique culture in the hiring process, here’s how.

Make an IMPACT: Ensure your prospective employees are given all they need to feel their time is just as valuable as yours. Choose the right people for the right amount of time to conduct the interview. Interviewing and selection should be succinct and decisions need to be made by some of the right people, not a lot of the wrong people.

Be CARING in your process: This has less to do with being kind and more to do with being considerate of the individual you are evaluating. Candidates want the same thing, and that’s “to know” what’s going on. Follow up and communicate, regardless of the information you have to share – be consistent in your follow up.

Understand how others hire in order to COMPETE for talent: Unemployment rates have not been lower in over a decade and they’ll continue to fall. Highly-skilled positions are becoming more difficult to fill, and your Candidate Experience needs to reflect this. Blend speed with accuracy, and work with your partners to understand the market value for positions you need to fill.

Companies with a desirable culture have a competitive advantage. They’ve recognized a great thing and are confident future employees will see and feel the excitement upon joining their team.

MarkK_headshot OPMark Krysinski, Vice President of Sales & Client Development at Objective Paradigm, connects our partners with the appropriate services to drive results for specific hiring needs. When Mark isn’t connecting talent with opportunity, he enjoys spending time with his family. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn to learn more about his “Extending Favor” methodology and OP’s portfolio of services.

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    Companies with the good culture have a competitive advantage. They’ve recognized a great thing and are confident future employees will see and feel the excitement upon joining their team. And in this phase, the AI-based software helps you to find best candidates.


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