Think of Your Recruiter As Your Agent

Think of Your Recruiter As Your Agent

In my previous posts, I talked about why to use a recruiter and how to hone in on the key criteria for your job search — now, I’d like to share a creative way to look at the recruiter / candidate relationship.

When working with a recruiter, try thinking of them as your agent. Thinking of your recruiter in this way can rejuvenate an existing recruiter relationship or kick off a new one.

Consider this:

Professional athletes and celebrities are the professions that are mostly associated with the use of agents. Agents help to negotiate contracts so athletes can focus on training and celebrities can perform their craft all over the world.

A recruiter works for the working professional in that same capacity.  

  • Like agents, recruiters are good to have as they’ve been in the business and have pre-existing relationships in the industry.
  • Agents are able to provide sound advice and make suggestions based on industry experience.  
  • Agents also handle the relationship with ownership/leadership, and provide the medium for their client to meet directly with decision makers.
  • Agents set expectations and have the ‘awkward’ conversations on your behalf.  
  • Lastly, and not to be forgotten, is the fact that like an agent, a recruiter will only get paid if the candidate gets the job.

This is a WIN-WIN!

As Recruiters, we work on the behalf of our candidates. We work tirelessly to find the better job, the job you desire, no matter the reason you’re looking.

Why wouldn’t you want your own Ari Gold, Scott Boras, or Drew Rosenhaus?

Technical Professionals, do you have an agent?

Rich Drennen, Senior Technical Recruiter at Talution Group brings more than 13 years in the industry to the Objective Paradigm team. Rich has immersed himself in the Chicagoland Tech Recruiting landscape, having supported clients that range from private startups to Fortune 500 global companies. Connect with Rich on Twitter @Talution_Rich

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