Talent Corner Episode 6: Recruiter Communication

Wait, there are pushy candidates?

The job hunt can be stressful. Someone in a rigorous search is exhausting all efforts to find a great fit for their future and they want all the details they can get before making a decision. From compensation and culture, to timing and next steps, it’s the agency’s job to have information at the ready – but what if they don’t?

In this episode of Talent Corner, Ryan Pollock, Founder and President at Objective Paradigm, and Jim Conti, Director of Culture and Experience at Sprout Social, talk about how an agency fields candidate questions, and sometimes, frustrations.

Talent Corner is a forum to help both practitioners and providers better understand trends, best practices and the relationships between Talent Acquisition Teams and Recruiting Service Providers. We dig deep and stay candid – if you are looking to bring on a hiring partner or increase engagement and results with your current providers, this podcast is for you.

Host: Jackie Lerash  |  Audio Engineer: House of Fro

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