Talent Corner Episode 4: Candidate Ownership

Candidate ownership and how it’s looked at from both sides.

Whether you are a provider of recruiting services or on the hiring team engaging an agency, you’ve certainly dealt with a candidate ownership issue. Sometimes the issue is a non-issue, but there are other times where the lines blur.

Ryan Pollock, OP’s Founder & Managing Partner, and Sprout Social’s Director of Culture and Experience, Jim Conti, talk about candidate ownership on this episode of Talent Corner.

Talent Corner is a forum to help both practitioners and providers better understand trends, best practices and the relationships between Talent Acquisition Teams and Recruiting Service Providers. We dig deep and stay candid – if you are looking to bring on a hiring partner or increase engagement and results with your current providers, this podcast is for you.

Host: Jackie Lerash  |  Audio Engineer: House of Fro

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