We’re Excited For SourceCon Spring 2017


It’s happening!

SourceCon: We Control The Robots starts March 13, 2017 in Anaheim, CA and of course, we are sending our very own Ben Solomon, Director of Research, Sarah Goldberg, Senior Sourcing and Research Specialist, and Robyn Carney, Research and Sourcing Specialist to bring back a wealth of knowledge and inspiration!  

We can’t contain our excitement! Here’s why:

What’s making Robyn so excited about SourceCon Spring 2017?

Innovation Labs:

  • I love seeing what’s new in the world. The Innovation Labs will be a great way to see what cutting edge tools and tech are out there that we can incorporate into our sourcing tool box – or even recommend to clients.


  • I hear there will be some in attendance. I’m not saying that I’m trying to get on Skynet’s good side (but I’m trying to get on Skynet’s good side.)
  • Machine learning and the advancement of technology in the recruitment space is incredibly interesting and moving forward at a fast pace – we must stay in the know. I’m excited to listen to the keynote speeches on the topic, and to see how the bot did in the Grandmaster Challenge* (hopefully it came in second place behind Sarah.)

*Sourcers competed against each other and one robot to figure out who, out of a large pool of candidates, was the best fit for three different jobs. There were two phases, the first of which was completed before the fall 2016 session. The top ten finalists from phase one (including Sarah!) just finished phase two. Results will be announced at SourceCon Spring 2017.


  • If there’s anything I love, it’s talking. Talking non-stop. To anyone and everyone that will listen. This is my first big event as a sourcer and I’m more than excited to meet some amazing sourcers.

Sitting next to Sarah for five hours:

  • Sarah doesn’t like talking as much as me, but quality coworker time is always a good idea.
  • Plus, if you’re looking for amazing sourcers – Sarah is a great person to start with. Sarah has attended the conference previously and will be able to provide me with some wonderful insight.


  • Enough said.

Sarah’s SourceCon Spring 2017 excitement builds for:

The Hackathon

  • The hackathon was my favorite part of SourceCon Fall 2016, hands down. I learned so much from my competitors.
  • It’s wonderful to get down and dirty with the technical tricks for what we do.
  • Competitive learning is the next trend of 2017 – mark my words.

The Grandmaster Results – Do #WeControlTheRobots?

  • I deserve kudos for putting this second, let’s be real. March 15th at 11:30 am PST is already marked in my calendar. Going up against nine other experts, plus one algorithm, was an exciting challenge, and now I need to know – who won? What was the right answer?

Putting faces to names

  • #SourceCon Twitter is an amazing crowd all on its own! I’ve been tweeting at and reading content from some amazing folks – too many to shout out – and I’m excited to meet everyone in the “real” world.
  • And, let’s be honest, it’s time for me to up my gif game. If you want to follow along, find me at @sarahegoldberg!

Building #SourceConChicago

  • SourceCon has an amazing community where everyone works together to be better – an environment that amazes me.
  • We’re building up #SourceConChicago so we can have the same collaborative learning conversations closer to home and all year long.
  • I’m excited to meet people in Anaheim that can grow with us in the Chicago chapter! (yes, we are here to recruit you)

This post was co-authored by Sarah Goldberg, Senior Sourcing and Research Specialist, and Robyn Carney, Research and Sourcing Specialist, Chicago, IL.

When Sarah (left) and Robyn (right) aren’t enjoying the sights and sounds of Chicago via a riverboat cruise, they are hard at work supporting Objective Paradigm’s clients and recruiting team with training, expert sourcing, tool investigation, and relevant memes and gifs guaranteed to make your day. We look forward to their report from SourceCon Spring 2017.

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