Objective Paradigm Celebrates 17 Years in Tech Recruiting


Whoa. Time Flies.

This month Objective Paradigm celebrated 17 years of tech recruiting with a ’17-Year-Old’ themed event and lots of giving back.

The over-achieving team of natural-born hustlers celebrated in not one, but two ways…and the celebration goes until Thanksgiving!

To kick things off, OP’s Chicago headquarters hosted an NC-17 Slumber Party! AKA wear your pajamas to work day complete with popcorn, cake, secrets, and R-rated movies…since they are almost 18 and all.

Dayna Stoller, OP’s HR Generalist said, “It’s important to celebrate our company’s milestones and make our employees feel a part of the company’s success.”

Giving Back.

Entry into the OP NC-17 Slumber Party required one of the following: a winter coat, an unopened toy, or a donation towards buying 17 turkeys for a Thanksgiving dinner. The turkeys will be part of what is served at Bethlehem Church the week before Thanksgiving to over 500 families in need.

To date, Objective Paradigm has collected 10 coats, 7 toys and $272 and are still going for more – 17 each of each at least!

img_4322 img_4323 img_4328

Thank you to our partners, team members, and community for a successful 17 years – we look forward to the next 17!


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